Photo Art Transformation

A beautiful photograph may have life beyond the pixels that came from your camera. Tools and techniques using apps can transform your photo into one or more works of photo art. Why tamper with a perfectly good photo? Because it can fulfill other purposes, such as a set of interesting greeting cards or a print on watercolor paper for a friend.

Photograph of a tow boat in the Tennessee River pushing a barge upstream.

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Finding Your Urban Wilderness

If you enjoy outdoor photography, you don’t need to travel far to take attractive pictures. Urban and suburban locations offer plenty of photo ops. The key is to find picturesque spots and avoid signs of civilization in your shots. These spots may contain all the elements you need for a wilderness photo.

Nature Photography: bald cypres trees at rest at Wheeler Wokdlife Regue headquarters near Decatur, Alabama.
Bald cypress trees at Wildlife Refuge. (iPhone)

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