View my galleries of photography. Most of my photos are shot with an iPhone. I also use a Canon mirrorless camera for some of my photography.

Organized by theme, with some overlap, enjoy browsing these galleries. Many photos are for sale.

Gravel road in Coldwater, Tennessee.


What I’ve been shooting lately.


Vistas, rocks, trees, and above them all, skies.

Leaves and rocks in a water fountain.


Mother Nature, up close and personal.


Buildings, streets and everything in-between.

Maternity photo taken in a park.


People are photographed for various reasons. They may ask for photos to use for social media. Or they may be photographed candidly, at an event or in a spontaneous moment.

Goat sticking his head through a fence.


Animals are not the easiest to photograph. They’re serendipitous, energetic, and not subject to the photographer’s wishes or deadlines. But they take amazing pictures.

Door at Railroad Park in Huntsville, Alabama.


Well, what does “Other” mean? It means stuff that’s hard to categorize. Random people, hardware, signs, shoes, and who knows what else?