Enjoy browsing through the galleries, organized by theme with some overlap. Many of the photos are available for purchase.

Explore my photography galleries. The majority of my photos are captured using an iPhone, while I also employ a Canon mirrorless camera for some of my work.


What I’ve been shooting lately.

Gravel road in Coldwater, Tennessee.


Experience the intimacy of Mother Nature.

Leaves and rocks in a water fountain.


Buildings, streets, and all the spaces that connect them.


Individuals are photographed for a multitude of reasons. Some may request photographs for their social media profiles, while others might be captured candidly during events or in spontaneous moments.

Maternity photo taken in a park.


Photographing animals can be challenging. They are unpredictable, full of energy, and do not adhere to a photographer’s desires or timelines. However, the resulting pictures are fortuitous captures.

Goat sticking his head through a fence.


The term “Other” refers to items or elements that defy easy classification. It encompasses a variety of things such as miscellaneous individuals, hardware, signage, footwear, and an array of unforeseen objects.

Door at Railroad Park in Huntsville, Alabama.