Portrait of Steven Gordon rendered in a watercolor style

Long story short, I’m a cartographer and casual photographer, a graphic artist and published writer.

I find photography intrinsically rewarding. Seeing, capturing and developing an image from what the camera records are all part of an experience I really enjoy.

Besides visual arts, I enjoy music, especially sacred choral music and Native American flute.

Anything outdoors piques my interest. Which means I’m often on my bike or on my feet, walking a city sidewalk, a greenway or a trail, and finding many photo opportunities.

I’m based in North Alabama. This area is rich in hills and woods and water. Wildflowers along trails and gardens along suburban streets attract my camera lens. And over everything passes an infinite variety of skies, from massive thunderheads to wispy cirrus clouds.

Contact me with any questions about my art or to get an image you don’t find via the Shopping page.