Night, Early Fall
Small towns. Madison, Alabama, is a growing small town, a small city, ringed with new neighborhoods and strip malls. Commerce orbits of the city like planets circling a black sun. 
Downtown Madison is a small town. It doesn't grow outward but develops inward. Old buildings, a few new buildings, and a main street that follows the railroad tracks into dusk.
But Madison comes alive when the day ends. The dusk quietly translates into a quiet destination. Shops close but their lights continue glowing, as if dusk has paused anticipating tomorrow’s dawn. Restaurants light up with people, sounds, music, the aroma of a grill that's working long into the night.
There's magic in the array of lights. You don't notice the street lights as much as the aurora of lights on buildings, from small yellow lights to storefronts blazing white. Not that everything is bright. But everything is light.
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